Plan for WA Jobs

Plan for WA Jobs is a community campaign that is seeking the development and implementation of a plan to drive economic and employment growth in Western Australia.

With the resources boom all but over, Western Australia needs to make the most of the opportunities we have in mining and petroleum, as well as develop other industries to create jobs for the future.

While it was some years ago, many of us remember Perth before the mining boom.  Not a lot was going on.  It is not in the interests of current and future generations for WA to return to this sleepy past.  With proper planning and a proactive government, we won't have to.

A Plan for WA Jobs needs to ensure that we have competitively priced energy to drive manufacturing growth, and that we have the skilled local workers that industry will need into the future.  It will need to make the most of the opportunities we have now, and create new opportunities for the future.

Our campaign is about making sure the development of a Plan for WA Jobs is the number one issue heading into the State Election on 11th March.  In the weeks and months ahead, we will outline our ideas about creating new jobs and opportunities in WA.  We look forward to your feedback and participation in this very important conversation.

And, in the meantime...

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