Shorter Rosters


An increasing employment practice of big resources companies is to minimise costs through the use of longer shifts and longer swings away from home.

In theory, this is about reducing the number of employees required, thereby reducing employment overheads,as well as administrative and travel costs. In practice,it means fewer jobs, as well as increased strain on the mental health and family lives of workers.In short, these employers are putting profits before people.

While FIFO is critical to our economy and tens of thousands of WA families rely on it, we can improve it bymaking common sense changes. A recent bipartisan Parliamentary Inquiry recommended capping roster length to improve mental health. It would also create jobs and increase opportunity in the resources sector.

A plan for WA jobs should seek to maximise the number of jobs created by resources projects by capping the number of days employers can require their employees to work continuously, without a trip home.

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Why we need a Plan for WA Jobs...

Our campaign is about keeping the State Government focused on jobs during the COVID-19 economic recovery period.

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