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There is nothing more important for our economy than ensuring all Western Australians have access to quality, affordable public education and training. Over the last eight years, we have seen significant cuts to our public schools and TAFE system.

This means less individual attention for our kids at school, and higher fees for people who want to learn new skills at TAFE.

If we are serious about creating jobs in the industries of the future, we need to ensure all children get a great education, and that it’s easy and affordable for workers to learn new skills. The cuts the State Government has made to public educations and training over the last eight years are short sighted. Sure, they may have saved a few dollars in the short term, but the long term cost to the economy and state budget of eroding the knowledge and skills base of its workforce will be significant.

We all remember how industry was telling us that there weren’t enough skilled workers at the height of the resources boom,and that they should be allowed to bring in more workers from overseas. Investing in education and training is critical to ensuring this doesn’t happen again, that we have the skilled workforce our economy will need in the future and that industry has no excuses to employ overseas workers, at the expense of locals.It’s just a matter of priorities.

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