More funding for healthcare

By the year 2050 there will be more people aged 60+ than those aged 15 and younger, and whilst our population grows older, it is clear there is no sustainable plan to look after the elderly in our society. The average carer's pay is $19.77. A rather unfair pay for a fair day's work of showering, cooking, cleaning and supporting people. Whilst the pay is unattractive to young Aussies, the pay is happily accepted by foreign workers who often come with a language barrier making it hard especially for people with dementia to communicate with. Our ageing population is an area for HUGE job potential in all aspects of the workforce. From tradies in the construction of new facilities, to nurse, pharmacists, occupational therapist to physiotherapists. The 6 month job freezes on public service jobs including many in hospitals shows this government is not serious about maintaing and creating jobs in healthcare. The healthcare industry should be a forever booming industry with a forever growing nation, not an industry that is continually subjected to cuts and lack of funding. I want to see more money put into the healthcare industry, not put into culling sharks !

Why we need a Plan for WA Jobs...

At the State Election on 11th March, we will have the chance to vote for the party who presents the best plan to create new jobs and opportunities in WA.

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