Plan for WA Jobs Competition

We're running a competition to learn more about the vision young Western Australians have for jobs in WA.

If you're aged 18-30, we want to hear from you!

Please tell us in 100 words or less, the type of jobs you want to see created in WA in the future - the type of industries you want to work in, and what you think the State Government should be doing to make this happen.

There are some great prizes on offer for those who contribute.  One lucky young person will win a cash prize of $500.  There will be 20 x $25 gift vouchers from David Jones and iTunes also up for grabs.

To be eligible to win a prize, you need to agree to have your contribution published in our print and online campaign material, as well as having your photo taken and published along with your contribution.  You need to be aged 18-30.  The selection of prize winners will be at the discretion of the Plan for WA Jobs campaign.

We are really keen to hear from young Western Australians on this important issue, and we look forward to you joining the conversation.  Entries close 10th August, 2016.

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Perth 2 busselton train

A train from Perth 2 busselton is another idea

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Freeways of dubai

Add 7 or 8 lanes to the freeway so we have the freeways of Dubai it would take the pressure off the freeway in peek hours

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I'm not 18-30 and the content of my response may not be applicable to the forum however,

I think genuine tax reform needs to be carried out. Tax individuals at a capped income tax rate of 30%. Buy back /retain and improve previous and or current government businesses to maintain tax revenue lost in my first suggestion. Reward the people that actually do the hours - If you do more hours you get more reward - not what the current system does which is higher taxes for longer hours (higher income). People doing second job should not automatically fall into highest tax brackets by default. Big business should be encouraged to carryout construction manufacturing locally through "locally built" tax concessions. Tighter regular of the 457 working visa process...particularly during economic downturns. Government should stay away from meddling with superannuation full stop.

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• High-value jobs which harness major renewable energy sources available at our ‘finger tips’, preserve and enhance primary industries which sustain our nation, stimulate and foster science and technology innovation domestically, position and prepare our future workforce for the next tech boom and ultimately facilitates globally competitive products and services • Nation building, internationally competitive industries which engage and enhance our infrastructure, resources, technology, finance and people to address the challenges and seize the opportunities cultivated from automation and globalisation • The State Government should invest in smarter infrastructure and centres of industry excellence conducive to a future-ready workforce

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3D modelling

Opportunites for the younger population who are statistically better with computers to work with the Government and Urban planners to create 3 dimensional models of new growth zones in and around Perth city

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Tourism is Key

WA lacks tourism numbers by less than 50% of eastern sates (QLD, NSW, VIC). With other industries slowing, tourism is definitely something to improve. Due to distance from other states and cost of travelling, domestic vistiors do lack here but international visitors can be increased. There is plenty of attractions in WA and more events could be held to draw more visitors. Investing more into tourism will help the state draw more money into the state and with that comes new jobs for new businesses, construction and running of infrastructure, ect.

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Science based jobs

Government run research and development that specifically targets issues relating to Western Australia's environment and resources

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Invest in flexible education

These days, more than ever, we are a spread out community that needs to have equal education and opportunities for all. Invest in technology to provide adolescence with collaborative online projects, flexible timing and systems that cater to individuals diverse needs.

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Long term not sort term

The state government needs to move its focus away from short term goals supporting dying industries such as mining and focus on long term goals and a push on a sustainable future. We have all 3 current major renewable energies all available and in huge amounts at our finger tips (wind, solar and wave energy), so a push for jobs and a growth in these long term solutions Would create more jobs then finite unpredictable industries with profit focused entities, it's our obligation to to make a change and provide jobs for the youth for years to come.

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Protecting trades

The state government need to do something or come up with a system to protect trades people. At the monent to many people are working with out any qualifications and its driving the price of what we are paid down, and in turn is killing of apprenticeships no one can afford to hire apprentices anymore and in 40 years there wont be such a thing as trades people anymore something needs to happen to proctect those of us that dedicated 4 years of our life to producing quility work from those that just want a quick $.

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agriculture, government, and primary industries

The younger generation need to learn more about what builds and feeds our nation! More jobs in primary industries, government and emergencies will create a better educated future generation

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Foster A Tech Industry

Australia is full of potential for young tech innovators and it's the home of many web/mobile developers but a short-sighted NBN infrastructure puts this at risk. The WA government needs to invest in fibre-to-the-premises internet or risk being left behind at the next tech industry boom. Upload speeds offered by ADSL2+ are useless.

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Advancements in Data Communications

What Western Australia needs for a thriving jobs boom is a strong focus on the future, surpassing the limited visions currently provided. While few companies control most of the available data gateways, the WA government should be reaching above and beyond to create and offer faster, cheaper, more accessable wireless networks for industrial, business, and private use. This would create jobs all over the state and offer training and new opportunities to those in regional and rural locations.

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More funding for healthcare

By the year 2050 there will be more people aged 60+ than those aged 15 and younger, and whilst our population grows older, it is clear there is no sustainable plan to look after the elderly in our society. The average carer's pay is $19.77. A rather unfair pay for a fair day's work of showering, cooking, cleaning and supporting people. Whilst the pay is unattractive to young Aussies, the pay is happily accepted by foreign workers who often come with a language barrier making it hard especially for people with dementia to communicate with. Our ageing population is an area for HUGE job potential in all aspects of the workforce. From tradies in the construction of new facilities, to nurse, pharmacists, occupational therapist to physiotherapists. The 6 month job freezes on public service jobs including many in hospitals shows this government is not serious about maintaing and creating jobs in healthcare. The healthcare industry should be a forever booming industry with a forever growing nation, not an industry that is continually subjected to cuts and lack of funding. I want to see more money put into the healthcare industry, not put into culling sharks !

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Why we need a Plan for WA Jobs...

At the State Election on 11th March, we will have the chance to vote for the party who presents the best plan to create new jobs and opportunities in WA.

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