I'm not 18-30 and the content of my response may not be applicable to the forum however,

I think genuine tax reform needs to be carried out. Tax individuals at a capped income tax rate of 30%. Buy back /retain and improve previous and or current government businesses to maintain tax revenue lost in my first suggestion. Reward the people that actually do the hours - If you do more hours you get more reward - not what the current system does which is higher taxes for longer hours (higher income). People doing second job should not automatically fall into highest tax brackets by default. Big business should be encouraged to carryout construction manufacturing locally through "locally built" tax concessions. Tighter regular of the 457 working visa process...particularly during economic downturns. Government should stay away from meddling with superannuation full stop.

Why we need a Plan for WA Jobs...

At the State Election on 11th March, we will have the chance to vote for the party who presents the best plan to create new jobs and opportunities in WA.

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